Sunday, February 21, 2010

Halo MVP Performance

One of my Halo 3 matches just got posted to Everyone should check it, even though it was not the most banana insane match. I'm MLG pro. (NOT)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Energy Enigma Member Shoutout

Energy Enigma

Energy Enigma is my new clan.

This group consists of experienced Halo 3 players, noobs, and everything in between. Some of us play for rank, but others just play for fun.

All members are all available to help with achievements, even skulls. (if you haven't got them yet) You just have to ask.
Founder: GeneralJonBoy04
Members: 3
Motto: Fight the good fight. Do your best, but if that is not enough...we've got your back.
Play your game. Play for fun. But more importantly, play for the team.

Don't be a quitter.

And yes, I know it is a small clan. Anyone can join. Contact Me on XBOX Live.